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2013 Reader's Choice Car of the Year Winners Announced
Letting you have your say, has tabulated the votes of its first ever Reader's Choice Car of the Year Awards with four winners in six categories and a major coup for Tesla and its new Model S electric luxury sedan.

"Polling readers, as well as reaching out to the over 30 million monthly visitors on the over 360 automotive forums that make up the network, the Reader's Choice Awards are about letting consumers pick their favorite new vehicles," said Editor-in-Chief Colum Wood. "By reaching out to car shoppers as well as to the enthusiasts on our many forums, we're able to take the pulse of what vehicles really resonate in the marketplace."

That said, it's clear the Tesla Model S is a fan favorite, taking home not only the overall Reader's Choice Car of the Year award, but also picking up awards in the Reader's Choice categories of Luxury Car of the Year and Green Car of the Year.

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dtalk 12-13-2012 03:31 PM

I check out the Tesla S model, wife did not like the big screen display on dash. Cannot blame her it was a big eye distraction. Much bigger in person then the photo's in the papers, but I love the pearl white paint (wow). Lots of storage front where a engine would go and back. It uses run flat tires, and the roof opens up(cool). Yet at the low end cost of $38,000 for the low end model, still nice to look at.

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