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I agree with the comments about the brakes and the vehicle's frame. I don't believe they're different between the I4 and the V6 (whether or not the V6 has the tow prep package).

BTW, here are the max towing capacities (from memory):

I4 - 1500 lbs
V6 - 2000 lbs
V6 w/ tow prep package - 3500 lbs

I believe max tongue weight is usually specified as 10% of the max towing capacity.

I don't think the rear suspension is different either (anyone?) so one would think any RAV4 could handle 350 lbs tongue weight, HOWEVER, a fair amount of tongue weight you can get away with may depend on which hitch you have installed.

The OEM hitch from Toyota is much beefier than most (all?) aftermarket hitches. Aftermarket hitches bolt on with either 4 or maybe 6 bolts, the OEM hitch attaches with upwards of 20 bolts.

If you were talking about towing something weighing maybe 1800 lbs, possibly even 2000 lbs, there's a decent chance you could get away with it, particularly given your experience levels.

But you're talking a minimum of 1200 lbs above the 1500 lbs max towing capacity rating, and to me that seems like just asking for trouble, mostly from the perspective of damaging the transmission and possibly the engine of your RAV4.

Sorry to say, if it were me I wouldn't even try it.


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