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That's funny Consumer Reports says the direct opposite. And after having a Subaru and Audi AWD I agree with Consumer Reports. I have a long autocross background and am still an aggressive drive in Minnesota winters. The Toyota is very unimpressive. I found exactly what CR said on the video I posted.

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My Michelin Primacy are nowhere near a winter tire, but I'm very impressed with how the Rav drives on snow and ice with them. Much better than I expected.

2016 Hybrid Limited with ATP.

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I previously had a Forester and now have the RAV4H.

Both cars equipped with premium winter tyres.

The Toyota handles just fine and gets around even in deep snow and ice.

The Forester will usually distribute more power to the rear wheels all the time, this will give the front wheels more grip left for steering.

In more extreme conditions this is a big deal. For example if there is ice on the road with snow berms between lanes and you are cornering. The Forester handles such conditions with a neutral feeling, its almost like it doesn't care what you throw at it.

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No, you don't need winter tires to perform well in the snow. Especially if it is infrequently snowy in your area. I purchased a set of Michelin Premier all season tires that have deep sipes (similar to X-Ice) and all weather tread compound with silica and sunflower oil that keeps them sticky in cold weather. I've had them in snow and ice and freezing rain, and they handle excellent. These are the top rated winter tire in the all season tire category so you don't need to change them for summer use.

MichelinÂ*Premier A/S

2016 AWD SE metallic gray 10-15-16
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I used to have a minivan and it drove terrible on snow with Dunlop SP Sport 5000. It is okay on dry pavement but it is terrible on rain and snow.

I was very tired of all the problems I was experiencing with Dunlop's. I've searched online looking for new set of tires and found the Cooper Zeon RS3-A. I saw the review of other people on how it did well on snow and I decided that I've give it a try. The price is good too. The specific tire model and brand is excellent IMO based on experience. I'm not sure how it would do on SUV's. I've driven my FWD minivan(Mazda5) from Maryland to Canada. Along the way, it happened that there's a blizzard in Buffalo, NY. My family is with me and the van have 4 adults and 1 baby and all the things that we needed for 3 days. To my surprise is that my minivan did very well while other cards were stuck. It was scary but my minivan did well.

I also dropped my wife to work in Baltimore after a snow storm and my minivan climb a steep hill and my minivan did well equipped with Cooper Zeon RS3-A tires. My minivan did very well and I was able to survive the high climb.

When it's time for me to change the tires of my 2016 Rav4. It will be equipped with Cooper RS3-A's.

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Yup...it's all tires (and driver).
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I've posted this picture before. Last winter in north Idaho at Farragut State Park after an afternoon of cross-country skiing. The RAV handled well. A little tricky on ice, but you learn quick. Just can't be in any kind of hurry. And this is from a SoCal boy, (translation: "What is snow?" "Oh yeah, that white stuff up in the mountains.") OEM tires. AWD, but it never came on that I could tell.

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I'm satisfied with my Dunlop Grandtrek SJ6
got a picture link at page 5 in the Hybrid winter operation thread

2016 RAV4 Active Hybrid AWDi, Black Mica.
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Surprised myself that a RAV4 hybrid got through this. Maybe it's where it got stuck. Either way, quite a bit of snow.
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2016 RAV4 Hybrid Limited
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It may not be the best AWD system the RAV4 Hybrid has (compared to Subaru or Audi) but at least I'm sure it's going to be quite reliable in the long run and it still beats any FWD or RWD SUV. It only snows at most 60 times a year in Toronto and most years not even.

I'd rather drive a keeper than something that excels in snow but requires more upkeep.

We do have 16" Bridgestone BLIZZAK DM-V2 on.

2016 RAV4 Hybrid with Technology Package
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