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Originally Posted by joyridin' View Post
Let me state this again just in case you do not understand English. Just because you can't drive does not mean the rest of us can' t. Your ignorance in stating all-season tires suck is you showing not only ignorance, but blatant stupidity

So junior, when you learn how to drive in Winter weather, come back and join the discussion. In the meantime, maybe you could take a driving class and actually learn something.
Ironic that you imply I don't understand English when you accuse me of "stating all-season tires suck" and calling me ignorant and blatantly stupid for said comment. Please show me where I made that comment because I did not. lol

You are the ignorant one putting others' lives in danger sliding through intersections, spinning your wheels and crashing into snowbanks. Probably all while texting on your phone and no seatbelt on no doubt. We all know and see those drivers every day and we know you are admittedly one of "those" guys. It's hilarious and embarrassing that you believe yourself so skilled as to render winter tires irrelevant and moot in the face of your immense expertise behind the wheel. Narcissist much?

Another irony here.......I can guarantee you any driving class anyone took anywhere would promote the use of winter tires in climates that are suited to them. You're hilarious.

2016 RAV4 Hybrid Limited
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No amount of skill or fancy features will enable even a 4x4 to stop quickly and safely on snow. Even a 2wd, on proper winter tyres will stop much better.

RAV4.1 manual 4wd SWB
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Well, have you lived +40 years north of the Artic Circle you know All Season tyres are crap.
All Season tyres does not even come into the serious test lists here when it comes to Nordic winter characteristics.

2017 Rav4 Hybrid AWD Executive

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Wow, a lot of bickering going on in this thread. Let me chime in: As I've said before it's not the going that's a problem in the winter, it's the stopping. Anyone can drive with any tires on in the winter - some handle better than others, and yes, some drivers are better than others!
But the issue is stopping. Everyone has to stop at some time, no matter what tires you have on your car. And proper winter tires have proven over & over again to stop in a shorter distance under the same conditions. There are many articles/reviews about this on the Internet. You take the same car, same surface (ice, slick snow), same speed, one with proper winter tires the other with all-season. They get up to the same speed and brake identically. The one with winter tires ALWAYS stops in a shorter distance. That's the difference between stopping at a stop sign or red light and going through unintentionally and having an accident. Or hitting someone, or simply just damaging your own vehicle.
You can always get by with non-winter tires, but you HAVE to drive accordingly, which means you're driving a lot slower than you could with proper winter tires. And in an emergency, I want to stop as quickly as I can. My winter tires go on in November and come off close to April.

'16 Hybrid LTD w/tech-white pearl, blk int.
3M hood film, OEM cargo mat, 3D Maxpider winter mats, Lumens LED interior bulbs, Michelin X-Ice XI2 225/65R17 snow tires on rims
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I think driver experience is also a factor in being able to drive safely in winter.
I have a 1987 Nissan 200Sx SE-V6 and a 1987 300ZX, rear wheel drive, no traction control, no ABS with the cheapest all season tires from Tire Rack or Pep Boys ( The brand is Fuzion), and never had any issues.
Just drive cautiously and adjust your driving habits to the weather conditions.

2013 LE AWD
1987 200SX SE-V6
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Again. Enough with the rationalization on winter tires please. They are a regional type tire that is just one option. Is someone without studs irresponsible also?? Ridiculous.

The OP lives in friggen California, not the Artic Circle!

2016 AWD SE metallic gray 10-15-16
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