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The styling is fine - still kind of looks like a Rav, but a bit more generic. No V6 is a mistake - doubly so because the fuel mileage of the new one is only marginally better at a huge loss of power and towing capacity. I would like to have at least seen a significant increase in fuel mileage to make the decision seem reasonable and maybe a bit more HP - many other manufacturers are successfully doing this. I'm hoping this improves before my 2011 (V6)is due for replacement.
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Guess my RAV4 is my first, and will be my last. Just like others said, the 2013 looks like every other SUV/CUV out there, and now that the unique features are gone, there is no reason to even reconsider it.

What a !$# disappointment! Hopefully mine will last forever.

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Unhappy Two possible deal breakers.

Well, my wife and I have been waiting for the past few months to see if the new Rav4 would fit our desires and I see two possible deal breakers for us based on the information we have so far.
First, weird as it sounds, the lack of a power passenger seat on the Limited edition may make it a "no sale" for my wife. We have power passenger seats on our Camry XLE and our Sienna Limited and with a problem back she is not at all happy with the idea of having to bend and twist to make manual seat adjustments. The second possible "no sale" is the lack of a hybrid option. With all of the Toyota press about making everything into hybrids over the next few years, we expected a hybrid option on the new Rav4 along with the associated fuel efficiency as we've seen on the new Camry and Avalon Hybrids. We'll be holding off until we see how things shake out next year and if a Hybrid may be in the works. Bummer.
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Do you know if the power of the 2.5l engine is increased or still 179 hp
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I see a few advantages over my 2009 Sport AWD SAP:

1. liftgate (this should have been included in the SAP)
2. transmission (my Sport should not shift like a Limited)
3. AWD system (improved torque control)
4. interior (better materials, lighting and audio)
5. buffeting (surely it can't be worse with better aerodynamics)

However, since I tow, the lack of a V6 outweighs that entire list in my case. Offering a manual transmission and/or a turbodiesel (which generates 236 lb-ft of torque at 2000 RPM and achieves 39 mpg in the new version for Australia) would have helped this model stand out in ways that the other changes do not.

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Originally Posted by Michel C. View Post
Do you know if the power of the 2.5l engine is increased or still 179 hp
They have actually DECREASED it to 176 hp!! Don't ask me why.

Help RAV4World members help you by providing your car's operating location in your profile page. Climate can cause a RAV4 in Dallas Wisconsin to experience a different set of issues when compared to the same model in Dallas Texas.

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Losing the V6 saddens me, but I really got few opportunities to exploit it when I owned an '06 AWD Limited. Sure, on several occasions, it let me blow somebody's doors off or wow my passenger. But with my thirteen year-old driving in three years, that ability becomes far less appealing.

Competitors like the CRV, Escape, Forester, and maybe the Santa Fe all carry some plusses and minuses. Count me in as a Toyota faithful, though. They've always done me well with outstanding quality and reliability. And, in my opinion, this new RAV4 possesses excellent styling and features. Good riddance to that dreadful swinging door. Hard to believe so many like that darn thing.
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Don't like it. Exterior is nice aside from the tapering roofline and front clip. HATE the interior with the weird dash, split cup-holders.

I turned in a leased 09 Nissan Rogue SL in September that I DEARLY loved. I didn't lease another Rogue because it is basically the same model in 2012 with an update model expected in 2013. My desire was that the new RAV4 would be released by the time I needed a new CUV, but it didn't happen. I drove every small SUV/ CUV on the market and was able to dismiss all but 4. they were in order of most liked, Ford Escape Titanium, Toyota RAV4 Limited V6, Acura RDX, VW Tiguan. Skipped Ford and VW due to quality issues so it came down to the RAV Limited and the RDX. RAV4 was the best value so I purchased one the first week of November. I'm so glad I did. Love the V6 and the look of the 12 RAV4. I can assure you that every remaining RAV4 V6 will be sold in the next few days.


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Originally Posted by JuneBug View Post
They have actually DECREASED it to 176 hp!! Don't ask me why.
They tuned the engine differently. Basically, with the new CAFE regulations coming into effect, everyone needs to work on improving fuel economy across the board on all models.
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I like the exterior. Not thrilled with the interior as debuted today. There is no flow. Everything looks disjunct. And I certainly do not like the two-tone effect. I do like the addition of more soft-touch materials, and the stitching. I can see that they TRIED to do to the Rav what they did to the Camry. I really like the interior of my wife's XLE. The Rav4 pales in comparison.

I agree with others regarding the spare tire placement. And I am one of those who actually likes the rear door as is.

I drive a 4 cyl., so I can't lament about the lack of the V6 going forward. Though, I can certainly see where some of you are coming from, especially those who have things to tow.

One of the things I noted to myself while watching the video today, was when they showed pictures of the previous gens of the vehicle. It has gone from being a small SUV, to a small CROSSOVER. I will agree that they have finally moved away fully from what gave the Rav4 its original appeal. The same thing happened when Ford moved the Escape to the new design. One word comes to mind: sellout. In my opinion, they should have done away with the current names for the models, and conjured up something totally different.

I just leased my '12 Rav4 a couple of months ago, so I have some time to see what happens with this vehicle as it matures over the next couple of years. That said, their redesign is not the reason I will probably not purchase another Rav4 when my lease expires. I have been looking strongly at the Venza, the Highlander, and the Prius V. What WILL make me jump ship from Toyota to another brand will be the number of recalls that occur within the Toyota brand, and how Toyota handles some of the recurring issues in their other vehicles, as well as the Ravs.

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