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my new 2013 limited rav4

Hi guys , I had a 2009 sport rav4 which I sold two weeks ago so I could get the new Rav which I got two days ago . I got the gray limited awd.MY first impressions is that I love it I made a list of the things I love and the things I miss from my 2009.
Things I love: the two tone interior ,steering wheel is beautiful,the engine is more smoother than before, 6 speed, when you move the shifter to any gear the car will lock and when you put it in park it will unlock, backup camera, the trunk is bigger, electric tailgate ,cupholders liteup at night, turn signal mirrors,on limited you just touch the door handle and the locks will open,the 18 inch wheels,front projectors, one button sport or economy,don't know why but to me looks like a baby Lexus 300

Things I miss: no were to put my sunglasses ,full size spare tire,back LEDs taillights,fender flares,speedo on 09 would turn on when car was turned on,v6, double bin storage console

I will post photos later on
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Thanks marco70 for your observations and am glad to read that you're happy with your new toy! I too have a 2013 Limited coming in 5-8 days. Cannot wait! I'm coming from a 2008 RAV4 V6 Sport. LOVED the '13 Limited in my test drive! Really! I know people are ripping on this new model year for no V6 but all I have to say is, "GO DRIVE IT!" Smooth! Got it in Barcelona Red with a solid black interior.

Understand the missing of a place to put the sunglasses but you know what? I have to clean out my '08 this very weekend and if you'd not posted this, I'd have forgotten to take my sunglasses out! (Haven't worn them for awhile because I temporarily switched from contacts to glasses!)

The only thing I know I will miss is the storage under the floor in the rear. That was nice! Ended up hating the side-open gate.
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Congrats on the new RAV! If my family and I didn't need the third row, we certainly would have considered a 2013.
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How did it feel when you accelerated on a ramp? easy to merge?

2008 Base Rav4, 4 Cylinder, 4WD
My upgrades Allen Spare tire Bike Rack
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Acceleration on a ramp felt fine to me in my test drive, vanib. The funny thing was that I didn't even realize I was in "Eco" mode until AFTER I did that!
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Congrats, OP!

I actually test drove a '13 Limited AWD yesterday in about 2" of fresh snow with a decent amount of ice here in Richmond, VA. I previously owned a 2010 Rav4 V6 Limited, and I must say I left pretty pleased. Pleased enough that I put a deposit down for them to locate the black on black Limited AWD I want. Here were my detailed thoughts:

Likes -
  • Smooth and peppy for a four-cylinder (I previously owned a 2010 Limited V6 4WD)
  • Impressive handling in the snow / ice during my extended test drive.
  • Seems quieter
  • Better front seat bolstering
  • Shift-linked door-locking
  • Blind Spot Monitors w/Rear Cross Traffic alert
  • Display Audio with car info (historical fuel consumption, elapsed time, etc) and ability to customize car settings.
  • Ability to toggle between normal, sport and eco
  • Seat heaters are now two-stage (Hi and Lo)
  • Better HVAC control design (I always prefer knobs for temp vs. buttons)
  • Stitched dash portion
  • New center air vents design (two vertical center air vents for front passengers, and a single-slit horizontal vent atop the radio for the rear passengers)
  • Designated cell phone bin
  • Smart key exterior door handle locking is now spot-touch vs. conspicuous black rubber button.
  • Availability of an all-black interior for Limited
  • Rear seat arm rest with cupholder design
  • Rear seat headrest drop buttons
  • Improved headliner material
  • Chrome interior door handles (on Limited)
  • Seat memory buttons
  • Black carpeting
  • Power tailgate with programmable height
  • New knee airbags
  • "Eco" indicator on dash to encourage efficient driving

Dislikes -
  • No V6 or higher hp engine option
  • Interior still has tons of hard plastic. It feels "contemporary," but definitely not "luxurious." The silver bits look like they scratch easily. I'm not sure I like the faux-carbon fiber. Now, the CX-5 interior is niiiice.
  • The SofTex "leather." It's more plush than the low-grade leather they used in my 2010, but it's still inferior to most of the competition's real leather (esp the CR-V).
  • It feels marginally smaller overall than my 2010
  • No more gorgeous Lexus-like Optitron lighting in the dash. The new "Clear Blue" lighting is better than the Toyota-green they used in the 90's, but feels like a step back from the 3rd gen.
  • Engine temp analog gauge replaced with a reading in the small digital display. Functionally fine, but it makes the now-oversized gas gauge look really lonely to the right of the speedo.
  • No rear glass washer spray; only wiper
  • No sunglass holder overhead
  • No more novel one-button open/close upper glove box. Though, the new open cubby is rubber-lined and quite nice; so it's a wash
  • No more two-level center console; just one deep cubby.
  • No more 110V outlet (household plug)
  • No rear-seat forward / aft adjustment
  • Only 60/40 rear-seat split, not 40/20/40.
  • No more rear-seat drop levers from the tailgate.
  • No fender flares
  • Still no power passenger seat
  • No LED taillights

Overall, I would say Toyota did a 2-steps forward, 1-step back deal: focusing on some big-bang / flashy tech upgrades, but skimping on the "little things" that made the previous-gen Rav so unique. For Rav newcomers, it's an easy sell; for previous Rav-owners trading up... might be a tougher decision.

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Originally Posted by aHokieManDanDan View Post
No rear glass washer spray; only wiper
Seriously? What's the point of a wiper w/o washer spray? Hasn't this been standard on any vehicle with a rear wiper??
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Originally Posted by marco70 View Post
speedo on 09 would turn on when car was turned on
What does that mean?

2009 V6 4wd Base
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Originally Posted by Carbon View Post
Originally Posted by marco70 View Post
speedo on 09 would turn on when car was turned on
What does that mean?
Apparently they got rid of the nice Optitron gauges that light up even during the day. Like the LED tail lights, I guess they are only reserved for Lexus now. Penny pinching at its finest.


2008 Limited V6 2WD "The Silver Bullet"

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#10 (permalink) Old 01-28-2013, 12:15 AM
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How much does dropping LED taillights save Toyota? Seems like a stupid step backwards.
Oh well, just another reason not to buy one. When it comes time I'll look for a 2012 V6, but my '06 only has 105K on it.

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It's the pedal (or the handgrip) on the right!!
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