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What are you NOT happy about with your Rav4?

Disclaimer: I do not intend for this to be a flame thread or troll bait, but I am curious what things folks here would like to change about their Rav4s?

I am now over 35,000 miles and sat at the dealership this weekend shocked about how quickly time flies. I bought my car in July 2013 and have obviously racked up a lot of miles since then. Overall, I am very pleased but have a few things for Toyota to improve upon going forward:

1) Ride Quality. At first, it did not bother me, but the ride could be a bit smoother and also quieter. I am looking forward to replacing my Bridgestone Dueler tires to see if that helps, but the ride has really become a bit harsh and I feel like the cabin is unnecessarily loud over 60 MPH. I plan to move to Bridgestone Turanza Serenity tires after these - I've used them in the past and they're the best tire I've experienced.

2) Connectivity/Electronics. I've had frustrations with the electronics in this car since day one, with BTSA automatically turning on and not turning off, overriding USB, etc. Ever since iOS 8 was released, I have nonstop issues with the connection between car and iPhone "loading" that requires multiple plug and unplug attempts, restarting my phone, restarting my car, etc. This is a disaster that Toyota needs to fix.

3) Gas Mileage. I drive aggressively and admit that, so I know that my MPG is not going to be the best, but I am bothered by how bad MPG gets above 70 mph. There is a pretty steep drop off if you are going 75+ mph. A CVT or extra gear in the transmission would help.

4) Narrow Driver's Seat. I am 6'1 and pretty broad, and the seats were "snug" for me when new. With some wear and tare, the bottom cushions have flattened out a bit to accommodate my frame and I miss the support that was there before. I'd like to see a wider seat and perhaps narrower bolsters. As it stands now, the cushions are pretty narrow and the bolsters seem huge.

Overall, that's really all I can complain about, and I've been very happy.
  • The Rav has been rock-solid reliable
  • When I'm not going 75 MPH, it gets pretty decent mileage
  • The AWD system is second to none and saved me from our Snowmageddon last year
  • It's "right-size" for about everything
  • JBL sound system is great
  • Great interior layout that gets lots of compliments
  • Aside from the harsh ride, I love the handling and overall steering feel
  • Acceleration is pretty peppy in Sport mode for a 4 cyl AWD CUV
  • Softex has been great and still looks brand new - resisting a year and a half of wear and tear, dog claws, spills, etc.
  • Paint, internal and external materials have all held up very well

I have always compared this generation of Rav4 to a second generation Lexus RX - I think they drive very similarly (before the RX gained 500lbs and became so much "floatier." I know they're really two very different vehicles, but to me, the Rav4 initially felt like a "little Lexus" and I still maintain that a year and a half and 35k miles later. It's well built, rock solid and drives like a more expensive vehicle.

I don't regret my decision to buy one bit! How about you guys?

2013 Rav4 Limited AWD - Magnetic Gray/Black, JBL, BSM, RCTA
4300k Morimoto HID, 5000k LED Fogs, LED interior conversion

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