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I sold my 2013 RAV4 after 16 months of ownership for the following reasons:

- Ride - way too harsh. I wasn't expecting the RAV to have Avalon-like ride, but it was way too bad to be acceptable. I came from an FJ Cruiser, which can hardly be considered to have a "limousine-like" ride, yet this hard-core off-roader had a much more comfortable and pleasant ride that the RAV.

- Excessive engine noise - OK while coasting or driving at steady speed, but too obtrusive under even mild acceleration or when going uphill.

- Erratic transmission behavior - shifting to too high gear just to downshift back 5 seconds later, shifting from 6th gear down to 4th upon slightest touch of the gas pedal at highway speeds or even minor incline, shooting the rpms from 2000 to 4500 and making the engine scream, "forgetting" about the existence of 6th gear above 75 mph. Moreover, this is clearly a software tuning issue, because both Camry and Venza which have exactly the same transmission as the RAV don't have these issues.

These issues were enough to drive me away from the RAV. Comparing to the RAV, the old FJ seemed positively luxurious (in terms of ride and engine noise).
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