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Re: RAV4 Cargo Area (L*W*H)?

Originally Posted by BamaEskie
Originally Posted by zer0l0gic
Originally Posted by BamaEskie
Originally Posted by zer0l0gic
We're looking at buying a new RAV4 but want to make sure the cargo area is large enough for things we want to carry.
So we took the car out for a test drive, it's a dream.
But in all the excitement we didn't get the dimensions of the Cargo Area.
Can someone help me out?

Thanks 8)
I know the distance between the wheel wells is about 43" wide. It's perfect for two side-by-side SUV crates.
8) Thanks! And I guess the width between the back of the seat and the door is at last 23"?

We're trying to find out if a folded large pram can fit in the cargo area.
Are you planning on folding down the second row seats or not? Regardless, you'll have more than 23". If you look in my album, you'll see my second row seats pretty much stay down for the dog crates. I almost didn't need to fold down the seats for the crates. The crates are 36" long. BTW, I can get a third crate in sideways between the front row seats and the cargo crates. As far as the height goes, the crates in the cargo area are 26" high. The room in the back of my RAV4 is so much better than the cargo room in the back of DH's 2006 CRV. In fact, I don't even like to ride or drive the CRV anymore. It feels so outdated as compared to my RAV!
Great thanks. We're not really planning on folding down the second row of seats. But I think the second row of seats can be moved just a bit anyway - to give that bit more storage. I think we're going to be fine.

Totally agree on the handling / ride of the CRV as opposed to the RAV. Night and day. The RAV is far more 'comfortable' to drive.
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