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Originally Posted by edelmp
In my wifes '06 Limited, without the 3rd row seat, my "trunk" measurements are:
With back seat up = 37" deep x 42" width x 37" height
With back seat down = 70" deep x 34" height (on seat)
Exterior roof = 72" deep x 48" width (with no overhang)
during my most recent auto show, I have been carrying around a tape measure and have been measuring the cargo areas of SUV, CUVs, with the back seats still in place...

strangely... I have only found two vehicles which can fit my dog crate the way I wanted to... i.e. crate door facing the back so that my dog can just jump right into the crate... and the two vehicles were... Rav4 and the XC70

I am very surprised that the cargo area of the Rav4 is actually deeper than others such as the new Highlander, MDX, etc...
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