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Originally Posted by dcarr1971
Just remember, this is AWD, and a rather weak version of AWD at that. If you've had actual 4wd SUV's in the past then you need to understand that this is definitely not real 4wd.
How much difference can I expect to feel when the snow starts falling? I'm not an adventurous four-wheeler anyway, and I tend to avoid driving when it snows, but there are times when you simply can't avoid it, like when your management company skimps on clearing the lot in front of your apartment, or the lot at work isn't cleared in a timely fashion, or when several inches of snow suddenly dump unexpectedly while you're at work and you have to slog your way home through it...

I must say, in the 6 days that I've had it, I've felt a big difference in the traction this vehicle has compared to most of my previous SUVs. I look forward to seeing how it will perform in the snow, because so far it's steady as a rock in the rain.

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