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Ok, I have a 97 rav with 4wd and auto. Vehicle has been sitting for about a year. The problem is that I replaced the brake pads and rotors on the front and pads on the rear. When I bled the brakes the left front and right rear brakes will not hold. I have had all four wheels off the ground and when the rav is in gear and you hit the brakes, nothing for the left front and right rear. I pulled the hose off the caliper to see if fluid was coming out and it is.
I have noticed on the caliper and wheel cylinder That when the brakes are depressed they engage for a split second and then come right back to the resting position.
Please any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Wish I could help you, but that is definitely something I haven't seen before. Maybe an ABS problem? Try searching Google for similar problems.
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the brakes need to bled in this order, right rear, left rear, right front left front, if that doesnt work there is lkely to be foreign matter/ or kink in the brake line near the master cylinder(in which case the whole system will want flushing) as the way the brakes are set up is one line for left front, right rear and the other line for right front, left rear. this ensures that you have at least one front and rear brake working incase of brakeline failure, hope this helps
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It's probably the master cylinder, as Mozz78 says, the brakes are diagonally split, there are effectively two seals on the piston in the master cylinder, one for left front/right rear, one for the other two, if a seal fails then you loose brakes on that circuit.
In the old days you could buy new seals and rebuild a master cylinder, not so sure now....good luck!
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Bleed brakes, check the master for return of fluid, each caliper needs to be dismantled and cleaned especially in the groove for rubbers. Check each piston for rust and remove. There is not enough pressure building up to extend the pistons thus clean, remove rust and examine for build up of foreign material. You may need to bleed the brakes before and after you tear into the components.
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Tater1, the guys have given you the way to go. My dads garage had a municipal contract that gave maintenance to the school buses from my homer town. It can be done at home. Check this out. Remember, your life depends on this. Do it right with the right tools and products.

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