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How to disable TPMS (How to turn off TPMS light)

This is how I disabled the TPMS on my 2009 Rav4. Special thanks to CTScott from YarisWorld:
DIY - Bypassing Tire Pressure Warning System (TPWS / TPMS) - Page 3 - Toyota Yaris Forums - Ultimate Yaris Enthusiast Site

Its about a 15 minute job without a switch, 20 minute job with a switch.

Tools required:
- Wire cutter
- Electrical tape (or tap wire connectors)
- 16+ gauge wire (optional)
- Bipolar switch (optional)

The TPMS is located behind the passenger glove compartment. You dont have to remove the glove compartment. There is a black panel that easily comes off below the glove compartment. (Directly above the floor mat). Two clips hold it in place. Just press and pull, no tools necessary. Remove the panel and you will see the TPMS device directly above it:

This is what it looked like on my vehicle:

Here is what the connector looked like:

Cut the pink wire from pin #5 and connect the end coming from the vehicle to the red wire in pin #6. Note that the pink wire coming out of the TPMS device is left unconnected.

If using a switch, install switch as diagramed below:

If you want to test the voltage readings here is what I was getting:
Red Wire 6+ volts
Pink Wire 4-8 volts - when TPMS sensors is active on the vehicle
Pink Wire 0 volts - when TPMS sensors are removed from the vehicle

ECU will illuminate the TPMS dashboard light when the Pink Wire reads 0 Volts.

TPMS light illuminated on my dashboard:

TPMS light off 15 minutes later after running this procedure:

Section below is OPTIONAL

Some of the Yaris members took this step a bit further and made the connection within the TPMS device itself (no wire cutting but soldering required).

Another Yaris member made a fancy switch like this:

Just remember to connect the Pink wire to the Red wire!
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