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Drivers Power Window Mystery

I read all the power window topics on the forum, can't quite find the answer. Need help from the gurus.

2001 Rav4. Driver side power window does not work. All other windows operate, door lock and window lock works from the master switch. Just the driver window is dead.

I took panel apart, disconnected motor connector, jumped it with a motorcycle battery and window motor works nice and strong. So its not the motor.

So was thinking it has to be the switch. Bought a used one from ebay ($40), but has exact same problem! No way both switched would have the exact same fault. Well, at least the odds would be pretty high that both have the exact problem.

I used an ohmmeter to check the wiring from switch to motor, its ok.

But have no voltage coming from master switch to drivers window. Checked all fuses to rule those out, they are fine.

WTH could be the problem? There has to be something I am missing. I downloaded all of the power window docs from Toyota Tech, don't know whats up.

Can anyone help me with this? I came too far to go cowering into the Toyota repair shop with failure written on my face!

Oh, one of the tech docs mentioned a fault code that can be read from the window switch AUTO light (with flashes etc). Mine doesn't light up at all. Don't know if thats a clue, but thought I would mention it and give you guys all the details.

Anyways..... I look forward to the solution! lol
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Could be a bad limit switch in the power window motor. You can find out by shorting the leads for the limit switch and see if the switch will operate the motor.
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Thanks for replying! I actually have a new aftermarket motor sitting here, I did try it yesterday and it wouldn't work with the switch either.

But the mystery deepens....

This morning, I warmed up the car for 10 minutes or so. I jumped in and one last ditch attempt, I tried the switch. And the window worked! I ran it up and down a few times. Then on the way to work, with the window up, I heard a loud snap. I actually thought someone threw a small stone at my window. Tried to roll down the window again and its dead. I am hoping I didn't break my side window. I can't see and cracks. I wonder if it the motor wasn't cutting out and continuing to put upwards pressure on the glass?

I have no idea. The only thing I can figure is because I pulled every fuse out of both fuse boxes and physically inspected them the night before, I reset something somewhere. Maybe Il'l pull all the fuses out again and see if it works for a bit again.
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