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#11 (permalink) Old 10-11-2011, 08:24 PM
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Originally Posted by ReillyS View Post
My RAV is very well maintained, needs nothing to be done except the next maintenance on schedule after the 90,000 mi. point. Brakes, tires, exhaust and all items are up to date.Toyota oil change and fluid refills are also recent, done every 5,000. mil per the manual, including tire rotation EACH time since I bought it. In Early January 2011 I began to experience a vibration from under the vehicle. The first thought was that it was an exhaust rattle and had it checked for looseness. All ok, nothing was needed, the vibration remains and has grown worse. It occurs between 35-45 mph, and ceases if I let off the gas - but to maintain the speed in that range it is LOUD enough that anyone in/out of the car can hear it. Add to that now, an occassional sound as though I am on a rumble strip - exactly at 40mph. I went back to my mechanic because I was concerned about safety. He kept the car for the day, drove it, put it up on the lift and checked everything below and wheel assemblies & brakes. I am mechanically safe and sound., but now I'm at a point I can't stand this anymore, and actually if I were to consider trading it in, this problem can count against the integrity of this vehicle. Suggestions Badly needed!
I previously asked for input regarding loud vibration coming from underneath my 2006 RAV between 35-45mph. With answers from members of this site, I made an appointment & went to the local Toyota dealer I purchased my RAV from.
U{DATE: 10/11/11
My request was to take the Tech for a ride to concentrate on this noise , we stopped a couple of times and he exited the vehicle to examine/touch a couple of areas he was thinking about. This is a LOUD vibration that seemed to emanate from the underneath-front of the RAV, and ultimately was hard enough to cause the exhaust system to vibrate down to the tailpipe. There also was an occasional sound resembling a "rumble strip" . After tightening a couple of items that MAY have contributed to the noise, the tech took it for another ride and there was no difference in the problem:
Bottom line: California Toyota Tech support advised a tranny power flush & Tech performed this as advised
and we went out for another ride. The sound was greatly reduced! Being that there is still a slight vibration left, I was advised to put some miles on this to see how the new fluid breaks into the transmission. Tech advises that another flush be done if this doesn't cure it, as this was also recommended by CA TAS. IF this does not totally eliminate the issue.
CA Tech Support advised that the transmission be shifted in a 180 degree position from the original position. Previous cases concluded with success. Cause may have been moisture in ATM fluid at an early time in it's life and caused the droning sound. Love my RAV TECH! Left no stone unturned!
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We are having the same rumbling with our '08 Rav4 (104k).

Your tech performed one power flush and suggested you drive
on the new fluid for a while before additional procedures.

Did this solve the problem or did you do another flush
or shift the transmission 180 degrees from the original position.

Finally what does it mean to shift the transmission 180 degrees?
I can't visualize what that would mean or entail.

Thanks a ton
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So I'm not crazy!

Finally found someone with this issue. 2006 4WD. Ours has been doing it since probably 30k miles. When decelerating or accelerating briskly, there's no sign of it. At about 35-40 mph under light acceleration, the RAV suddenly starts making the "rumble strip" sound. I think it sounds more like a large, hollow, plastic box vibrating like crazy.

The good news is that it's been happening for probably 4 years/40k miles now and doesn't sound any different than when it first started doing it.

It's irritating, no doubt, but hasn't been costly. Yet. Other than the popping steering cable the vehicle has been great.
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Same issue here, have you had any solutions on this issue??

I own a 2006 rav4 4WD 4 cyl with only 45k miles (not under warranty) and recent transfer case oil change with no improvement at all...

I've read it could be Drive Shaft U Joints, center bearings, ATF flushes, and many other stuff without positive feedbacks.

Hope you see this message and provide your past experiences as it's been a while.

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