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Originally Posted by MissRachael View Post
Okay first, I have an automatic 2.2L 4wd. Second, my rav is EXTREMELY well maintained. I grew up at my dad's garage so I know all about proper matinence. However, I bought it used and don't know how it was taken care of before I got it. I do know that since I have had it I've replaced the cat, the battery, the alternator, and my belts. Next, I have done a motor swap before however this is my first Toyota and the engine codes are a lot different than Honda engine codes.
I guess Batman see everything the way he want to. Maybe I'm wrong, I'm just human MissRachael. But going back, I hope this will answer your last question regarding Toyota engine codes:

List of Toyota engines - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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Your car is not a RAV4.1 and it does not have the 3S-FE engine in it.
RAV4 mark 1 where with 2 liter engines and petrol only.

Since you don't have a RAV4.1, i can safely assume you have a RAV4 mark 2 which has either a petrol or diesel engine.
If you know how to maintain cars, you also know that the code is on the engine plate.

With that, the entire discussion about 5S or 3S engine is out of the question. Your car is different, you have a different set of harnesses and wiring is at quite some points other then the mark 1.

I do not quite understand that when you are so into mechanics, you didn't come up with the right engine code you had to begin with. We cannot smell, see or feel your car, so it is essential that you provide more information.

Based on the very scarce information you provided i assumed that it was another person trying to be brave and thinking that an engine swap is something which can be done by a non mechanic inclined person in a day max. Assumptions like that get people into bad trouble, and only because they think they want more power in their daily commute for whatever reason they came up with. The type of person who had everything they have in their very luxurious lives been coming at them with ease so far, so why should this not be like that.

Engine swaps are difficult, especially if you aren't very inclined on mechanics. For the 1AZ-FE engine, which was planted inside the RAV4 mark 2 petrol versions, the range of engines to swap in is quite different then it is for the RAV4 mark 1.


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First, I do have a 2.0. I think we're all allowed a typo once in awhile, mine just happened to be a big one. Second, I did know I can look on the engine plate, however I park my car on the street and didn't want to lay in traffic to do it. Dying is not high on my to do list. And yes, my RAV is my daily driver, however I live in an area where there are a lot of hills and my RAV can barely make it up them. Sometimes I could get up and walk faster than I get up a hill, thus the reason I want more power.
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Well i am suprised at some of the comments in this post please all agree to disagree and just give the original poster your own opinion on what she wishes to try and achieve and supply her with the pros and cons of what she wants to do .

bickering amongst yourselves is in my opinion below the standards i have come to respect on this forum ,

I will agree that a lack of info on her first post did not help but we as members should then ask what she has before giving advice be it good or bad .

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is not better than making that, expensive?, engines changes to sell the rav and buy a lexus rx 350? is presume they must be not expensive by now, talking about first models...

I presume awd qualities would be similar to the rav, and sure you will gain nice extras, like leather interiors and so.
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There are many ways to make more use of your power, or make the vehicle seem to have more "oomph" without an engine swap.

Yes , an engine swap is a great upgrade, I am fully enjoying my JDM MR2 3sge in my RAV4, but if you just want more usable power, there are some options to consider first.

- TIRES: People underestimate what a change in tire size can do, realistically, a tire size change is like changing your Final Drive Ratio, and we all know what that can do for a vehicle. Try a smaller circumference tire to get up those hills and also to accelerate faster.

- usually, Toyota are OEM programmed to run Pig-rich, so a SAFC will do wonders to the power band. I think Mensa used one with good results

Look at those options first, it may be enough for what you are looking for.


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