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How to fix uneven front brake balance?

Hey, folks. I have a problem with the front brake balance on my 1998 AWD RAV-4 that I don't know how to diagnose.

Can I get some ideas?

My left wheel locks up quicker than my right wheel--I flat-spotted the left tire already trying to figure out if I could even get the right wheel to lock up at all.

It's not noticeable in the dry, but VERY noticeable when it's raining and the streets are wet. My front left tire always skids on a wet street if I apply medium to strong brake pedal pressure.

The rotors and pads are fairly new for a street car.* I replaced them in December 2011 and applied high-temperature anti-seize to all the metal/metal contact points.

Rotors: Wagner BD125517 Disc Brake Rotor : : Automotive
Pads: Hawk Performance HB310Y.689 LTS Brake Pad : : Automotive

* - I have a track car that needs its brake pads changed every three months sometimes. :-)
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