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Originally Posted by Mikado View Post
The plastic sheath gets brittle and cracks which then in turn exposes the cable and frays it and thats when the problem arises. I have attached a pic of the 2 worn cables.
Yes! That is precisely what had happened to my cables. I didn't realize the sheath was plastic. But, my mechanic had to replace those cables. They were very expensive.

What I do need to find is these 2 parts. Here in Australia the part is very expensive. If anyone can help that would be appreciated.
They are expensive here also. I think I paid around $200 USD per cable. But there was no other option.

Anyway. Ever since then, I've tried to be very precise with my shifting movements, and never trying to force the stick into gear if there is any resistance. I don't want to have to ever pay that again.
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