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#41 (permalink) Old 01-22-2013, 10:25 PM
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Originally Posted by Dr. Dyno View Post
That's a fantastic deal, the kind I search for.
Just checked NadaGuldes.
You got it for "Rough Trade-in" price!
Dealer wanted "Clean retail."
Yeah, I checked KBB, Edmunds, and NADA, all pretty much saying same numbers. $26,000ish retail and $21,000ish trade. Just prior to getting my check though last week, retail was $20k for Limited. I'm guessing the 2013s just hitting lots here now drove the V6 up. Tben again, the 4 banger's value went through the roof since last week too.

As for the Ford plate, it has to go. Wifey needs to be driving around with a Pittsburgh Penguins plate like I am on my Jetta.
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"yes, your engine does have knocking sound, but it's considered normal operating characteristics." from Toyota representative that was brought by dealership to approve warranty repair. The repair was refused.

"yes, you can tow a heavy boat during a break-in perior" when local dealer mentioned that the RAV4 I ordered didn't make to their dealership and I would have to wait one month longer while having a boating trip scheduled a month from then. I jumped in a plane next weekend and brought one of those rare V6 RAV4 AWD 3rd row towing package from 1000 miles away fully broke-in for the trip. Of course towing is a no-no during break-in.
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Getting one my other Toyota vehicles being serviced at the dealership..

Service guy : Mister your car is ready, oil change is done with the inspection and the recall ( recall, another lie for another thread )is taken care of.

-Nice summer day, go home, wash the car, open the hood, engine is still hot... engine coolant is way below the cold line, bottle is practically empty.

Go back to the dealership, go the counter, talk with the service guy,
I say: Don't you guys check the coolant during the oil change
Service guy: yes we do sir
I say : My coolant bottle is empty, your tech didn't check it or what?
I was quickly wisked away from the counter where other customers were waiting and brought into the garage where the hood was opened and the coolant was added.

Then i asked : Why is it so low?
Service guy : oh that's normal sir, it overflowed, if it persists come back and see us...

yeah right, you know well the warranty is over in a few months...

What's worse, finding out your car doesn't get the few point inspection that you pay for at the oil change OR that it's normal your coolant bottle practically empties itself...

Back off kids, this is not an ice cream truck.

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Our prep people are to busy to check the tire pressure before delivery. Every tire was at 45-46 psi.

I once had a Cadillac dealer tell me that the oil on my shocks was put there at the factory to keep them from rusting.
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(Thread Starter)
Originally Posted by Phrede View Post
Our prep people are to busy to check the tire pressure before delivery. Every tire was at 45-46 psi.
They are supposed to do everything on this pre-delivery checklist:


2008 Limited V6 2WD "The Silver Bullet"

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Originally Posted by JuneBug View Post
They are supposed to do everything on this pre-delivery checklist:
Thanks for the list. I guess they did their job correctly since checking the tire pressure is not on the list. Nor is filling the washer fluid reservoir, which they didn't do either.

I would also think that the TPMS would alert if the tires were over inflated like it does on other cars I have. All part of learning a new vehicle. None are that big of a deal, just details I would have expected covered.
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My selling dealer obtained the RAV from another dealer. The first dealer did not completely perform the pre-delivery check list tasks and the dealer who sold the vehicle didn't do their job, either, but instead apparently assumed that the first dealer had performed the checks. When I reported the situation to my dealer he accepted some responsiblity but also blamed the dealer from whom he obtained the vehicle.

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Originally Posted by RAV4Don View Post
Boy, was I pissed when after a few months of buying my 05 I learned that the new 4.3 model version was about to be released as planned.

Was the dealership staff just ignorant or were they lying? I don't know.
Me, I'm waiting for a hybrid RAV4 or Venza. I was checking out the Prius v at a dealership in Santa Cruz last month. I told the salesman that I was dubious about it because of its to-me minuscule 134 hp. "Would you buy a hybrid RAV4," he asked. "Sure!" I said. He claimed that Toyota was coming out with one soon. "You sure about that?" I asked. He went to ask his sales manager. "In the next six months to a year," he said when he returned. We'll see about that.

I'm doubting whether they could make a RAV4 hybrid without losing cargo space to a battery, the way the Ford C-MAX hybrid does. The Venza, as a crossover, might work better. Alternatively, if Toyota would put a 2.5 L Atkinson engine into the Prius v, they could make the combined horse power more acceptable to me.

In the meantime, I've found a way to maximize mileage in my six-cylinder RAV4 by monitoring engine load on a virtual gauge that's displayed on my Garmin Nuvi -- which gets its data via Bluetooth from a thingamajig that's plugged into the OBDII port.

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The sales manager and my salesman told me that the Rav4's resale value is the highest among all small SUV's because Toyota doesn't allow their vehicles to be used as rental cars. Ha!!


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I see that Hertz has RAV4s on their rental fleet as well as Camrys

2008 Base Rav4, 4 Cylinder, 4WD
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