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Lies my dealer told me....

Here are a few tall tales told by various Toyota dealers--some I've read about on these forums, some I've actually heard myself. Remember to take everything the salesman, owner, service adviser, or parts guy says with a grain of salt:

The dealership said the key needs to be programmed and that the key needs some kind of special laser cutter that they need to send it out to Ohio for the cutting.

The dealership said that once you start using synthetic oil then you cannot ever switch back.

The dealership said that some of the heating elements in the back glass are actually antennas and aren't supposed to heat up.

The dealership said they're giving me a great deal on the extended warranty for $1600.

The dealership said you can't get the Sport Appearance Package with leather seats.

The dealership said they don't make the Limited with a 3rd row.

The dealership said the whining transmission is normal--"They all do that."

The dealership said the grinding brakes are normal--"They all do that."

The dealership said the clunking while steering is normal--"They all do that."

What misinformation, lies, or total BS have you heard from YOUR dealer?

Help RAV4World members help you by providing your car's operating location in your profile page. Climate can cause a RAV4 in Dallas Wisconsin to experience a different set of issues when compared to the same model in Dallas Texas.

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"You need new belts (plural). It'll cost $300 and we'll need the vehicle all day."

"We can't find any record of that tire that we mounted backwards."

"I've never heard of that canister filter issue."

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In early 2005 I was at a Toyota dealership shopping for a then new 2005 RAV4 and about to purchase it when I ask an important question. "Is Toyota going to introduce a new model RAV4 anytime soon?" I get laughter and a condescending reply from the sales staff. No, where did you hear such a rumor? I told them that I thought I read in a car mag about a new model RAV coming out in the fall. They again told me that was I was mistaken and that was just a rumor.

Boy, was I pissed when after a few months of buying my 05 I learned that the new 4.3 model version was about to be released as planned.

Was the dealership staff just ignorant or were they lying? I don't know.

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Me—(couple of years back) I hear Toyota was building a Super Car called the Lexus LFA.
Salesman—Are you serious, why'd you think Toyota killed all their sports car model, because they are out of that game for good, gone; Supras, Mr2, even the Celica got axed... Gave him credit for even knowing those models. lol

Another one was when a friend of mine brought in a Lexus GS300 with a 2JZ-GTE (Supra Twin -Turbo engine here in the States) to a Toyota Service center for service. Techs all go goo goo ga ga over it and Head Tech goes, wished they built them like this straight from the factory in Japan, must of been hard to swap that in from a Supra... Lol, Yes, they do it's called an Aristo V300 in Japan.

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"We'll make this deal work"

"We're not making money at this price"

"I can't replicate the issue"

"The combination you picked are rare. I'm not saying this to you to increase the asking price of the car"

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Not lies just incorrect: "Your RAV doesn't have a transmission dipstick or drain plug, it's lifetime fluid". Salesman that is no longer there

It has both although I understand some models do not.

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"Window etching is worth $500 and a discount on your insurance"

2011 Rav4
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This today from the service manager on picking up my new V6 LTD 4WD after my inquiring about changing the auto headlamp off delay and permanently disabling the floor lamps:
We've never programmed customization into the computer of a customer's vehicle before.

From the tech who did the 5 minute reprogramming:
We've done lots of these.

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just before the 2006 RAV4's were to hit the lots, I asked about the 269 HP V6 RAV4..."Naw, they would never come out with something like that!"

"You need to change your spark plugs at 65,000 miles"

To The BlackMobile!!!
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Thumbs down Green's Toyota in Lex. Ky.

" The top rack will be after market, but will fit just like the factory model."
" We charge the same amount, whether you finance or not."
" It will be ready for pick up today."
" We are making very little at that price."

What really bothers me is that they really think we are that ignorant, please.... I hate to be belittled that way.

2009 Base Rav 4 Super White 4x4, 2.5 engine,17 " aluminum alloy wheels, Good Year Integrity all season tires, rain quards, bug-shield,Curt class III hitch, Toyota mudflaps and Adventura Perrycraft top rack.

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