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#11 (permalink) Old 01-07-2013, 09:58 PM
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2012 2WD short trips of around 2-4 km on flats 32 psi checked every weekend and averaging 11.7 km/l from sticker stated 10.8 km/l. Don't race but i'm not holding traffic either. also as much as possible coasting.
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Originally Posted by rav4two View Post
Our 2010 has about 35k miles. My wife's commute is five miles, either uphill or downhill, and crosses probably a dozen or more traffic lights each way. She gets in the low 20's MPG in this commute during rush hour.

We will average between 27-30 MPG at roughly 70MPH on the freeway. Going any faster results in a lot lower fuel economy as the aerodynamics and large frontal area become a problem.

Pretty surprising gas mileage for a relatively powerful V6 and only a 5-speed transmission, and in an SUV form factor.
Our commutes are a bit different but this is pretty much our milage experience exactly.

It is important to note that we are on 245/65-17 all terrains, as well.

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Don't forget the tires

I have a 2007 Base 4WD and thus I manually calculate each tank. Over the lifespan since new, the fuel numbers have been almost dead on at least to what is specified. My driving is almost 100% city thus ranging from 18-20 mpg. Also, I live in a hilly area and my distances (usually my wife) driven is daily but no more then 6-10 miles per day. On long highway trips, I have hovered from 24-26 mpg.

One thing I will mention is that I changed tires from OEM to Goodyear Fortera Tripletreads and have noticed the gas mileage go down at least 2 mpg. So, our OEM tires seemed to have low resistance or my new ones have high resistance. Never considered that when I purchased new tires. May consider low resistance tires in the future if I continue to drive this car.
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In town I try to get above 45 mph where possible since that is the shift point for over drive. When I can do that I can get low 30's. In the morning when its cold (below 32) with hills to work 5 min trip about 18 - 19. On the highway going 72 mph 26 - 27 mpg. On the highway going 80 mph 24 - 25 mpg. All mpg are both ways to and from. Air pressure front 35 rear 36 I like this alot. Cold not as good as above and mid summer better than above by 1 - 2 mpg.
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I'm averaging 24 MPG overall with 2300 miles on the clock. City 18-19, Freeway driving is 26-27. Actually better than my 2009 Nissan Rogue with 4 cylinder and CVT, 23-24 was the best I could eek out of it.

I'm sure the different temperatures, payload, tire pressure, speed (MPH) etc. contribute to the differences our Ravs get in MPG.


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Originally Posted by crayb View Post
I Actually better than my 2009 Nissan Rogue with 4 cylinder and CVT, 23-24 was the best I could eek out of it.
Similar here. I'm getting similar MPG in V6 RAV4 compared to H4 Subaru. Hence no complians.
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