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Install of Infinity Kappa 60.9 CS component speakers in the front

Got my 2006 Rav4 in March of 2006. Installed a Pioneer DEH-P880PRS head unit as soon as I could. Shortly after installed a Rockford 12 inch sub driven by a 350 watt amp. I’m not much for navigation or playing DVDs in my car, however, I am a stickler for having control over the sound. This Pioneer HU has a 16 band graphic EQ and high pass filters for the door speakers. I cut frequencies below 80Hz to the OEM door speakers so they would play cleaner, and then used the EQ to raise the mids and highs to brighten them a bit. I was very happy with the results; however, reading RPM and Cococola’s posts about replacing their front speakers inspired me to take the plunge.[img]/forums/album_pic.php?pic_id=7347[/img]
I won’t really discuss the woof install cause we’ve heard it before. I used the same MDF 6.5 inch Front Speaker Adapters that Cocacola used. Great find Cocacola, and for about $21 shipped, why bother with anything else. They fit great and are still available from mbtechusa on eBay. [img]/forums/album_pic.php?pic_id=7348[/img]
The tweets are large and so are the xovers, so finding a way to mount them was a challenge. Infinity gives you a number of brackets and ways to install the tweets but none is a direct bolt on into the stock location. I wanted to keep the xovers on the protected side of the door vapor barrier, and I really didn’t want to mount them under the dash cause I’d have to run wires. In a variation on Cococola’s idea I decided to use but modify the OEM tweet mounting bracket so the new tweet would be in good position for sound, and I could use the space under the tweet to mount the xover.

Because of the depth of the Infinity tweet I couldn’t just mount it on top of the bracket cause it would sit too high and not allow the OEM grill to be attached. It had to be recessed, but not so much as to prevent me from mounting the xover under it. So I Dremeled out the OEM tweet from the bracket and used epoxy to glue one of the Infinity tweet mounting cups to it slightly recessed.
Pat on back; recessed enough to allow the OEM grill to be used and there is enough space to mount the xover albeit without its fancy cover.
The rest of the story is no biggie; run the wires and hook everything up observing polarity.
My biggest concern was whether the interior door panel would go back on. I knew this area of the door panel had to have some free space because of the way it curves and contours around the tweet. Although I had done some dry fit tests you never really know until you’re ready to button it up. Success, door panel fits with no problem. Photo is without OEM grill, but grill fit on perfectly.
Conclusion: I was never a fan of Infinity speakers. Whether for home or car, I never found them to be as smooth and detailed as I like. I bought these on the spur of the moment and although they are a vast improvement over the OEM, I still find that they lack the intricate detail and smoothness I like. They are very good speakers but not excellent. Right now I have them cut off at 63 Hz, and I’m in the process of fine tuning the EQ because I had the mids and highs set very high for the OEM speakers.

Hope this helps someone.
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Damn you guys. I really want to re-do the system in my car too but it's my wife's car and she wasn't happy the last 2 cars I did because of the money I spent.

Cars, snowboarding, house modding.
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