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admiring !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Originally Posted by Ahya728 View Post
This vehicle.. I mean this thing, this 3 door thing, the ground clearance is so high for its size that it can go through floods as deep as reaching the head lights (sprinkled water goes in but still moving), can glide through traffic, can fit through gaps to park, can fit 6 people inside (yes, done it, my poor rav), can be a camera car or chase car (currently is), can fit 1,500 Tostillas chips with 8 boxes included and it's not fast, 150kph max on stock, but the acceleration response can keep up with street rices.

And a bonus good thing about it is that I have crashed it 4 times: under steered 50kph on a Bulldozer, spun 720 on a "touge" and hit on a tree, spun on a rainy day at 80kph and hit a Hilux sideways and lastly, hit a curb while traveling on a flooded avenue and burst the tires. And I still use it daily. I laughed at the author's dear accident because for me and my Rav it wasn't that totaled. Hehe.

Basically, this thing is as solid as F as it can be, a frankenstein, an off-roader, a sports car (because 2 door, yeah!), a hauler, a UTE, a celica baby, a bus..

This is a damn good clown car! And i love it, I love mine. And it's still with me, being fixed with the latest trouble I had with it.
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Originally Posted by vegbiker View Post
Pretty dumb and ignorant theme. Why would a manufacturer continue to make a car that the public doesn't want and won't buy? To lose money and go out of business?! Manufacturers respond to market demands. If you want a car with style, buy a Mini Cooper or a Porsche. You're entitled to think new RAVs are "mall-going" cars. My wife and I are picking up a 2015 Limited tomorrow. I know it's not the greatest car ever made. It's a small SUV made for life in 2015. Just think, 20 years from now I can rail at all the new RAVs and how great they were in the good old days.
While I have to disagree with the labeling of the theme as "dumb and ignorant" I do find myself in agreement with vegbiker's sentiments. I, admittedly reluctantly, finally parted with my rock solid '97 Rav4 4door (with towing package) which had a glorious 218,000 miles on it, for a new 2015 Rav4 XLE. As vegbiker said, it's not perfect, but what is? I don't buy a car based on what other people think it says about me and my lifestyle. I buy a car because I like it, I'm happy with the quality of the manufacturer's product over time. Nostalgia is great, but nostalgia is a feeling to enjoy once in a while, not a way to live. Sure, I loved my '97 Rav4. But I was tired of its foibles, and frankly, I don't care much what the car looks like as long as it gets me where I'm going, reliably. I sure like the improved mileage's impact on my wallet!
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What issues ?

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Saw this one earlier today and thought about buying it for my son but he's only one year old. The Japanese built original Rav4s were indeed a well built product.

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