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Originally Posted by Blogson View Post
Too many boneheads who have little or no regard for others and their vehicles. Hope that insurance will cover your damage, but of course that depends upon insurance and deductibles. Your experience is why I always park out in the parking lot boondocks but my wife prefers to park in vulnerable areas because of convenience.
Depending on the crime rate in the area, try not to park way too far too though. Parking spots away from regular foot traffic tend to be easier/preferred targets for thieves. A sibling has had her license plate stolen (perhaps for the registration sticker) in California, ... I have had my car broken into a few years back for a relatively inexpensive gps here in Houston after I parked on the far edge of a parking lot for the tree shade at that location.

If you really want to park far away from most other cars, make sure you don't leave anything[especially visibly] in the car (not even small change). Or if you have stickers on the plates, scratch/score them out with a sharp knife so they don't come out in one piece when pulled out.
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I feel your pain! On my last car, I worked way to hard trying to avoid dings etc. After two years, I think every door and door handle had at least 1 or 2 white door marks stuck in the paint. The worst is when you're sitting in a restaurant and see someone swing their door into yours without even caring.

When I bought my Rav, it came with a nice scratch down the drivers side rear door, (but it also came with a nice price) so now I never have to worry about dings on that one at least.
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Never fails for me. I can park at the far end of the lot with no cars around. I come out and someone parks too close to me. I swear some people must look for people trying to protect their cars. It's getting to the point where you just need to forget about having a nice car and drive a beater. I miss my flat black beater, I laughed at shopping carts launched towards my beater. People always yielded right of way to me, they figured it was safer having me in front of them than behind them.
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Parking lot dings, dents and scrapes were the determining factor behind my wife and my decision to buy a used vehicle this last time around. We bought a new Honda a few years ago and agonized over every new door ding, this time we bought a 3 year old Rav4 that already has a couple dings. I can't say I don't care about new dings but I don't obsess about them now.
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Originally Posted by Rav4OutThere View Post
Itís more towards the rear fender,above the fender well. Must have been a truck or larger SUV judging by the height of the damage

If the damage is not too deep, it could've been handlebars?
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