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Car door dings/dents - ugh!

I got my 2019 Rav 4 LE AWD 2 weeks ago and noticed 2 car door dings on it already!! I already park in the most far away spots and end spots because I want to limit them as much as possible. People just dont care. Anyways what steps have you all done to limit them?
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Not cool, but it happens, unfortunately.

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Not much you can do thatís legal. Lots of things have happened in my mind to the people who have dinged my vehicles!

In June 2017 my wife got her new Golf. Within 20 hours, we had a 1.5Ē dent in the rear driverís door WITH PAINT MISSING because someoneís little Johnny was allowed to open the car door himself without being trained to watch out for other cars! Not only that, the little $#!+ was determined to open his door all the way, even though our CAR was in the way. For the record, they were parked right in the middle of their spot, as were we. We went back to the dealership and asked them to touch it up. I canít tap it out from behind without making it worse (paint flaking) and the paint chips mean the whole door must be repainted.

I either position myself far enough from other cars, or park next to something SUPER expensive. Avoid parking next to a car with car seats unless youíre sure youíre out of reach. Minivans are actually ok due to the sliding doors. Just need to watch your bumpers when the driver doesnít know how to operate something that size after trading up from a Honda Fit.

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My coworkers make fun of me at work and recommend I get to work 20 minutes early to compensate for my long walk from the remote part of the parking lot!

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Can't do much to limit them except for parking in a remote spot everywhere you go.
As far as fixing them, if there is no paint chipped out then call your dealer. They usually have a ding guy they trust that they have come in once a week or so to fix dings on trade ins and used cars, etc. Usually very reasonably priced.
I was quoted $110-$220 to fix my ding, but the dealership ended up paying for it because of a mixup in the scheduled time.
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I always try to park in a location where there aren't that many cars around me even if it means that I have to walk a little bit further. I did notice a small ding on my ride the other day though. smh
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I park away from other vehicles as well. But sometimes someone will park right next to me anyway even though there are lots of parking spaces closer to the store entrance or whatever. Seems that some people simply drive around until they find someone parked like me that they can park next to, and sometimes it's a monstrous pickup truck. Still no dents in my '11 so far - I have the Toyota side protection strips installed, maybe that's a help. My wife on the other hand parks her '10 CR-V right in the midst of other vehicles and so far also has escaped denting. But her CR-V is well protected because of Honda's design and equipment.

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I'm proud to say that I have never gotten a door ding, in about 45 years of car ownership. I do the usual -- parking far away from everyone else, and parking next to a curb or other obstacle that prevents someone from parking on that side of my car. And then I park as close to that curb or obstacle as I possibly can. However, while I've never gotten a door ding, my wheels haven't fared nearly as well -- they have usually been a mess, as I often got a bit too close to that curb or other obstacle. Frankly, this is part of why I decided to get a Limited with the Bird's Eye View camera system -- I can truly park within an inch or two of a curb or whatever, all while staying far enough away to prevent hitting the dang thing. So far, so good. No door dings, and no curb rash.

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