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I have been driving up adventure for a couple of weeks now. My first toyota. I got it mainly for the advanced safety features but love all the additional features. Good power in highway and great handling in turns. The engine is noisy with pronounced shifting at lower speeds, especially after a stop or going up hills but got used to it and not bothersome anymore. All the safety features work like they should. The adaptive cruise and lane tracing assist is amazing in highways. I dont see much difference with the sport mode vs normal mode other than being more noisy!

btw, I think the adventure is pretty good value for the money. It is only $2000 more than the XLE but gets you unique inside and outside styling, alloy wheels, higher ground clearance, increased towing capacity, dynamic torque vectoring with rear wheel disconnect, much larger driving display and dashboard display.
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I am considering upgrading from my 17 if the answers to the below questions are positive from '19 owners:
1. Road/wind/powertrain noise - better/worse or no change from the 4.4 gen?
2. is there an instrument cluster display showing tire pressures? If my wife's Sonic has it, why shouldn't the Rav?

I have driven the 18 SE and Limited against my 17 LE and although they were a little quieter, they do not match my benchmark which was my old explorer... or even the new Hyundai Tuscan I rented last week....
NVH is becoming one of my pet peeves and is the biggest, out of a small set of issues, I have with my Rav. My wife asks me what is wrong with my car when I fire it up. All I can do is shrug my shoulders and tell her it is a Toyota.

MY Rides:
1994 Mustang GT - summer fun car
2017 Rav4 LE - new daily driver
2017 Sonic RS - wife's car
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Not what you’re looking for but I find it interesting cause my 18 Adventure has very little road noise, almost no wind noise, I barely here the engine even during passing situations, and the transmission has a little growl only on cold starts till it warms up some.

Coming from a 2017 CRV I just don't notice much if any difference between it and the 18, and it was supposed to be so much quieter of a ride.

The 19 I test drove diffidently had much more engine noise entering the interior than either of the other 2.

I should be getting mine soon and will let you know after driving it for a while.
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Im tossing between the Adventure 2.5litre vs the 2.5litre with Hybrid. Not sure how the Hybrid will be able to take water if I have to do a light creek crossing. Will it fry the electrics? Are the electric motors located down low? Are they water immersion proof?
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Originally Posted by CADaddict View Post
I've had the new RAV4 for a few weeks but have not driven it much. We finally traded in our 2000 RAV4, so the difference is significant. We have the XLE Premium with power driver seat, power rear hatch, digital rear view mirror, Softex seats, and JBL system among other things. I'd have to research to figure out what all it came with.

There are a few annoyances that I may eventually get over. (1) There is some silver trim and lighter material on the dash that reflects off the front windows. I'm thinking about turning the those silver trim black with Plasti-dip. (2) I'm not fond of the bolsters on the front seat. When I turn to get out of the car, I have to "overcome" those bolsters to get out. I would prefer a flat seat. (3) There seems to be some hesitation when accelerating from a stop. It seems to pause 2 or 3 times just to get to normal driving speed (35-40 mph). I remember driving my brother's old Honda CRV and I was much annoyed by this pausing and how I didn't experience it in the 2000 RAV4. Maybe I just need to learn some new finesse with the gas pedal.

I do love being able adjust the seat height.

I'd be curious how loud it is on the highway. In the 2000 RAV4, I'd almost have to yell to maintain a conversation while driving on the highway.
I plasti-dip-ed the silver trim on my dash a few weeks ago even before reading your comment. Great minds must think a like. I never noticed it reflecting off the front windshield but I constantly noticed it in the side windows and even in the side rear view mirrors. Now with the black plasti dip its great, barely even notice it.

I actually like the seat bolsters
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