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I'll be doing the same thing with my new RAV4 that I did with my 2015 Corolla. I have been going to the same independent hometown shop for somewhere around 35 years, and they have treated me right over every one of those years. I talked with them about 10,000-mile intervals when I got the Corolla, and the guys there said that "they have seen some really ugly things at 10,000 miles." So, we decided that 5,000-mile intervals would be much better, and so that's what I did with the Corolla. And that's what I'll do with the RAV4.

So, the first change at 5,000 miles will be at the local shop, then the 10,000 mile "free" one at the dealership, then the next one at 15,000 miles at the local shop, and so on. And then after the second "free" one from the dealership at 20,000 miles, I won't likely be spending much time at the dealership's service department.

I will also make sure that the tires are rotated at each and every 5,000-mile oil change -- just keep rotating those tires, right along with each oil change.

Once upon a time, I did the first oil change at 1,000 miles, but my local shop guys thought that things have progressed along enough that it's not really needed anymore -- engine tolerances are much tighter, and the manufacturing processes are much more precise than they were, "back in the days."

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