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Originally Posted by Wyoung9074 View Post
Hey all,

I see a lot of info on the transmission whine for the v6 ravs, but I have a 4cyl and I notice a whirring-whining sound under acceleration. It's been like this since I got it with 42,000 miles on it, but it seems to be getting louder. The sound happens at any speed while on the gas, but goes away as soon as I take my foot off the pedal. Comes right back when re applying my foot. Does anyone know anything about this issue seeing as I don't have the 5spd transmission?

There are more than 2 different whine problems that many new owners are getting confused with. Yes you do not have the transmission whine since it comes with the V6 and 5 speed only. The other whine comes from the rear differential and since you do have 4WD that appears to be your problem. You can do a search to find more info.

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