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Originally Posted by DL175 View Post
Unless you are installing them yourself you are taking a chance of them warping due to the thinner thickness and paying for labour a second time. In the past rotors where much thicker and could be turn in some cases a few times but now rotors are considered disposable.

Thatís exactly my experience from my apprenticeship. Rotors these days are quite thin. If the pads need replacement, the rotors will also be worn. There is a specified minimum usage thickness AND a minimum required thickness to allow turning, as some material is lost in the process. These numbers are typically stamped on the rotors somewhere. If youíre at or just below the minimum machining thickness you can roll the dice and use the rotors as-is with new pads but this is NOT AT ALL RECOMMEND!!! Honestly as long as you buy coated rotors (rust resistance) the price is reasonable. Besides, the cost to have a shop machine them is close to the price of replacements. Why spend close to the same for less rotor?

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