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After owning several Lexus models including the 1st (literally) RX450h on Atlanta's streets I've learned the Toyota/Lexus mode of allocating cars and various models.

Like someone else previously stated, different regions receive different allocations. It's been driving me nuts for over 10 years now doing business with Lexus. They use some sort of database to determine what rolls off the lots fastest as standard inventory in different areas. If you're willing to spend hours or days on the phone and have miles you can use to fly you can usually find what you want but only with a bit of luck and lots of perseverance. Write down zip codes from FL, PA, NY, IL, MO, TX, CO, OR, Washington State, and CA. Then spend a few hours 'building' your car on the computer using the different zips until you're allowed to build combinations of colors and options you want then check the inventory section for that area which also shows what they have 'inbound'. You should also know if that state is compatible with yours re: taxes.

It's a chore but it's hard to relate to you how good it feels to discover exactly what you're looking for and to execute a deal and to drive your own car home for a shakedown cruise.

For instance, when I thought I wanted an AWD 2010 RX450h, I couldn't find one anywhere in the SE. But NY had them coming and were willing to deal. But Nalley Lexus had exactly what I wanted sitting at the port. They made me a better deal to take it with just FWD and I didn't look back. Local dealers here almost 'never' have AWD versions of the car because Lexus doesn't believe they're good for inventory unless in an area with really bad winters.
Originally Posted by Bcurrie100 View Post
I have been to or called several dealers. Their lack of knowledge is sort of scary so I thought I would ask here. I am looking at the Limited hybrid but I want the adaptive headlights (I live in U.S.). I have seen a few members here who have this option.

My question is it part of a package or is it its own package? Also, I read a post on here which said that one cannot order the panoramic roof with the adaptive headlights. True?

While I have read about the adaptive headlights, I cannot find this info any place, not even on the Toyota build site. So info regarding this, and any links, would be greatly appreciated.

Also, are the puddles lights standard on the Limited?

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North Fulton County GA
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