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  • Bill Hobson ·
    Many thanks indeed for your input. Just been back to the garage and has now been diagnosed turbo!!!these mechanic have looked after me for some time now and have researched it for me and tried every other alternative. I cannot do this myself and I trust them, nice lads, so a new turbo it is. I have spent too much money on it to abandon it now. Mileage wise it's just under 69,000. I really appreciate your answer
    Carbon ·
    If I or my family drove regularly through dangerous areas, and I had enough money, I would pay the extra for the RFT. If I were in an area with more friendly people and climate, the regular tires with a spare or a cell-phone and a tow truck available generally would be more economical for fuel and tires.

    I bought the base rather than the sport both because I like 17 inch wheels better than 18 inch and I was not so sure about getting RFTs.
    nwmag ·
    Hi Carbon, I have seenyour responses to my thread as well as others. I was wondering what your recommendation would be between RFT and non-RFT as I am in a dilemma to replace 2 or 4 tires on my now Rav4 sport 2010 that runs on RFTs.
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