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  • orazaliy ·
    2012 rav4 does not show trans fluid at first start in the morning after i took a spin round shows the level went to toyota service they said it is normal anyone has this problem? help please
    DL175 ·
    Hi Purplerav4,

    I seem to have missed your first message. I never hear of Souk? I live in Toronto. My wife visited Chicago over 10 years ago but I didn't go. Yes my relay was prewired. I believe most Rav4 have prewired accessories even if it is not installed. Example my center accessory plug was prewired even though there was just a cap on it. There is also lots of wires behind the dash for stuff I do not have: heated seats, heated mirrors etc. My car is in Canada but it should be the same for USA models because they come from Japan. Only other countries such as European or Australian models differ a lot due to different specifications.
    purplerav4 ·
    Hello DL175

    I was in your beautiful country at the end of November for thanksgiving in Souk. Thank you very much for the information. Was your relay wired? I will find the bank of relays when it warms up a little. I live in Chicagoland. I also tying to find a dome light cover and a cargo cover, if you know of anyone?

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