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  • feliperc ·
    Thank you so much Kenny. Can you tell me please where that wire is? I have been reading your post (great btw) but I am not sure how to get to that reverse trigger wire :(
    When you say behind the dash you mean that I have to open the covers around the steering wheel or is in that panel above the fuse box? how do I open that?
    Also, I had 3 wire bundles connected to the OEM stereo but only 2 came with the metra harness. I just connected the 2 that fit and left the other disconnected. Everything seems to be working fine, do I just leave that third bundle disconnected?

    Thank you so much for your time and happy holidays!!
    kennyc ·
    You would still need to power the camera. There are two school of thoughts - some people taps to the reverse light, which means once the revers light turns on it turns on the camera too. I prefer keep the camera turned on while the car is on. Reason being that our JVC radio can switch to the backup camera feed manually. This feature won't work without the camera being powered on. So I recommend you to tap the power to the rear cig lighter.

    I would go with the rav4 specific ones.. the one that replaces the license plate light assembly. make sure you find one with CCD camera instead of CMOS. CCD is much more sensitive to light.

    let me know if you need additional clarifications.
    kennyc ·
    Hi Felipe,

    sorry I just saw your message.

    My RAV is 2007 so I am not familiar with your MY. however, I trust metra more than amazon when it comes to compatibility.

    Parking wire prevents you from watching dvd while the car in motion. you SUPPOSED to wire that to the parking brake so the HU will only play when the parking brake is engaged. However, IF you want to bypass that "feature" (which I am not suggesting you do) you can patch that wire to ground.

    You patch the reverse wire to a wire behind the dash. it's in one of the link in my post. When you put into reverse, it will energize that wire, which in turn will switch the feed from your radio control to rear view camera.

    continue to part 2.
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