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  • feliperc ·
    Hello Kennyc, thank you for your post. I have some questions and maybe if you have time you can help me: I just bought the jvc kw a61bt as yours for my 2011 rav4. I order the same exact wiring harness but i was a little confused since amazon website says that the metra 701761 isnt compatible with the 2011 but the metra online website says that it fits. What year is your car?
    I am also a bit confused about the parking and reverse wires i the head unit but I havent removed my oem system yet, does it come with those wires to connect to the ones in the head unit? and the last question: does the screen switches by itself to rear view camera when the car is i reverse? I am assuming I have to power the camera from the reverse lights wires from the car???? I saw this jvc camera that is $99 dollars and i think it takes the power from the head unit but I would lie to know if it is the same to use one of those $15 cameras from amazon or ebay.
    Thank you so much for your time and help,
    kennyc ·
    yes I did... it was a pain in the ass to rewire everything. I had to get quite a few parts (headlight, city light sockets, city light socket plug, and turn signal sockets) and a lot of splicing. I am running 55w 8k HID in the projectors right now and they look amazing.

    It was a pain but it's definitely doable. I am going to install a set of HID fogs this weekend.
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