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  • Leasa ·
    Hi All, newbie to this site and this may not be correct place to ask so feel free to redirect me...
    I have 2011 Rav4 and only recently had Toyota install the blu-logic system to allow hands free calling. Problem is, now my iPod touch that I plug I thru AUX is not working nor is my was initially but now it is not...any suggestions? My phone is paired fine and I don't play blutooth music since it only plays thru front speakers where as with stereo and anything plugged in AUX plays thru all speakers so better Apple 4 is fine and works how I need it which is strictly to answer calls (no voice recognition I can see) and I can not voice to text since older iPhone but that's ok. I am just peeved off now since I can play stereo or my iPod thru AUX port like I could before...anyone else see this before? Thx in advance šŸ˜Š
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