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  1. Subwoofer in the recessed trunk area

    4.3 Interior
    That is art. Beautiful. I love it. Your cone is pointing to the roof. That allows more surface area - so you could go with a 12, even a 15 if you wanted. But I intended to point a 10 to the driver, with a port pointing in the opposite direction towards the rear of the vehicle. As I...
  2. new member - introduction

    Member Introductions
    Well, scratch that. I just unloaded this RAV4. Why? Bad carfax. The thing had an accident, which sller tried to hide. That explains the suspension issues. Damage to front end - strut was bad, bumper replaced, paint to hide it, etc. Shame. I loved that RAV4.
  3. Detailed Stereo Install---->>>Lot's of Pic's

    4.3 Interior
    Excellent thread. Big time thanks to OP and contributors. Anyone know the dimensions of the two rear cargo trays? 2007 model, if that makes a difference. I would measure myself - but my RAV won't be here for another two weeks (on order).
  4. HUGE JBL improvement discovery

    4.3 Interior
    I don't understand. How did you do this? 1) you're using the two JBL rear subwoofer lines to power your two 8" subs. Right? Two channels, two ohms per channel, two subs. That fully loads your head unit. 2) so where did you get power for the Bass Shakers? NM. I re-read the thread - I get...
  5. Subwoofer in the recessed trunk area

    4.3 Interior
    Very old thread. But I just bought a 2007 RAV4. It's on order. Wondering what dimensions will fit in that hidden cargo area. I've been all over the net trying to find that info - no luck yet.