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  • drcoffee ·

    I was hoping you could tell me the login and password for the shop manual. I need the instructions for the air conditioning system.

    bueller ·
    Hi PIM I tried to access the login/mydrive files but it won't let me in using the Username and Password as sown in your profile Username: [email protected]
    Password: RAV4me
    Any help would be tremendously appreciated

    Pim ·
    If you are looking for some good information:
    Repair manuals of the RAV4:
    Combined repair manuals on this location.
    Visible parts inside the engine bay pointed out here

    Partnumbers and more (for signed up and approved members):

    Any pictures posted by me are not my original creation, i do not take credits for creating them. The original uploader does not want to be mentioned.
    The repair manuals above are also not my original creation, neither do i take credits for them. I only refer people because they are very helpfull.
    El33tsamurai ·
    Yo dude I really need help with this head gasket change out, you posted on my page before. We get the head back in and now I have the wiring harness there are 5 wires see diagram the grey goes to grey blue to blue and like greyish to greyish now I have this black thing its not the speed sensor that is already plugged in please help.

    This is all 5

    Next is where they all go, but can't find that black one.

    See how there is a grey on the left and right in front of it is the greyish

    Next is the blue one

    Hope you get this and able to help me please
    BROX ·
    Hi Pim.........if you get a spare minute could you see if you can find the front brake disc dust /dirt shields in your parts catalogue.....mine are getting a bit rusty,might replace them if still available...mines a 98 facelift,cant see there being much difference from the earlier models though.......Thanks....All the best ,Mark.
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