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  1. Survey on Coil Pack problems.

    4.3 General
    she's fixed!??? 3 new Denso coils maybe...just maybe and very hopefully I will have to retract my disappoint in my rav....#2 ignition coil just lose....they say all good for $150 (cost of tech pushing plug tighter together ...oh and shop supplies of course...hahah) pissed at myself that...
  2. Survey on Coil Pack problems.

    4.3 General
    Replaced 3 back ignition coils and looking like the other 3 real soon 0351 code = rear left ignition coil....replaced all 3 at the back including 6 sparkplugs myself. Drove for month and a half...engine, vsc? and 4wd light on..... running real rough...stalled once I stopped. Towed to...