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  1. Throttle Body Replacement for Weird Idle Pattern?

    4.2 General
    Hi rpsedy - I am experiencing the exact same symptoms on my 2005 RAV4 (over 122k miles). My idle also fluctuated down to as low as 500rpm when the a/c kicked in, so I did the TB and MAF cleaning which worked great. On a cold engine, my RAV's shifting seems fine until the engine warms we see the...
  2. Throttle Body replacement

    4.2 Faults & Fixes
    I was wondering if you found the remedy to your problem. I'm experiencing a similar idling problem but with a fluctuating 400-800 rpm. Upon taking it to the shop, the mechanic says that cleaning the throttle body or idle air control (IAC) may cause other issues because the 2005+ models have...