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  • Shubukin ·
    They offered incentives for the 13 and none on the 14. We started to look at the 13 and compared options included. The 14 has the option included in the price so the price difference came around 500. Otherwise it was a 13. Since the 14s are out they are eager to sell the 13. Out here they do not have 14s in the lot, they had to pull our from storage lot somewhere else.
    Another way we saved is using credit cards where you get points. They have a 5k max per card, we used 3.
    Good luck. Also they will try to sell you extended warranty. We did not get it. Some in the forum has some contacts.
    Leonard1818 ·
    Thanks for the input. The reason we're going with the '13 is because of the special financing. That saves a bunch. If our deal does not work out today, I will be putting it on hold and we will regroup.
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