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  1. SmartStop upgrade now available for free!

    4.3 General
    Had my 08 RAV4 V6 at a shop in Calgary yesterday the condition was listed as 777 ECM update Completed campaign 777 Thinking it is smart stop, I did not notice any difference.
  2. TPMS Programming

    4.3 Exterior
    I just got a second set of tires and they do not have sensors. It is my understanding orange electronics makes sensors that will clone the id of the sensors already programmed in your vehicle. No reprogramming required. Sent from Free App
  3. T-SB-0130-12/Transaxle Whine Noise/08-12-2012

    4.3 TSBs
    I believe, I was told I have a 25000km on the new transmission. I have put 5k on it so far... so good :) Sent from Free App
  4. T-SB-0130-12/Transaxle Whine Noise/08-12-2012

    4.3 TSBs
    I was not 100% sure either, so I took it to a dealer and inquired if my vehicle was affected by the service bulletin. They charged me $129. I figured if it was impacted by the bulletin, it would probably get worse... and Toyota would be paying for less of the repair if I waited. Sent from...
  5. T-SB-0130-12/Transaxle Whine Noise/08-12-2012

    4.3 TSBs
    At 50000km - the noise from mine was not really loud. You could definitely hear it. It reminded me of riding on a bus. Now I cannot hear transmission whatsoever. Sent from Free App