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  • scottish ·

    I just saw your unit and i think it is the exact same unit I just purchased.

    I replied to your comment on my thread, i have the 07 Limited model and wondering what you encountered when you installed your unit...
    Xhado ·
    Fender replacement pics.

    I've seen your fender replacement thread but it seems like all of the pictures are missing.

    You wouldn't happen to still have them would you?
    RangerKen ·
    Hello Vanib,

    I purchased a 2014 Rav4 yesterday. I'll not sure if I will purchased the extended warranty. Huffner Toyota in Kitchener offered me Platinum 84/120000 warranty for $2500, that includes 8 oil changes.

    I have been reading on the forums about Jerry Johnson out of Kansas offering discounted warranty prices. Have you found a similar deal here in Canada? I think $2500 is high but would well be with it if any of the electronics went out after the 3 year warranty. Did you purchase an extended warranty for your Rav4? Thanks.

    [email protected] ·
    thank you for taking the time to reply. I stopped at the auto parts store on my home from work and determined it was a fuse, but it was too dark (and they were closing) to get into the fuse box, so I am going back today in the daylight and get the fuse. hopefully that is it! Thank you so much!
    vanib ·
    I just odered a few meters of white 3258 LED strip for lighting below the kitchen counters! I believe you can get 5m for $5!
    I had a few extra feet. I soldered 2 wires to a short section. But I think it is better to buy short strips with pre-soldered wires. It makes life easier as soldering to the strips is a hit and miss.

    These 5050 LEDs should do the trick: Waterproof 4pcs 3LEDS Cool White 5050 SMD Strip Light DC 12V Car IP65 | eBay
    reburns ·
    Hi Vanib -

    Thanks for your help with my "new" RAV4 thus far. I couldn't find a post that I think belonged to you about running the Techstream TIS on a Win7 64-bit computer... some 32-bit emulator or whatnot. I have a Win7x64 laptop and ordered the cable yesterday: Fotga Newest V8.00.034 MINI VCI for TOYOTA TIS Techstream Diagnostic Cable & Software: Car Electronics

    My RAV4 came used with only one smartkey that includes a metal door key inside it. I figure to get a spare if the used dealer cannot track down the lost keys. I also did not get the metal ID tab that specifies the replacement metal key.

    I also might want to use it on my Prius before it's sold.

    EDIT: I think the info is here:


    WDrake_98 ·
    Hey Vanib,

    I have an 08 rav also, and to keep myself from getting the new car itch, I'd like to upgrade my rav with things I miss about my previous car.

    So, after looking at your mods, those are pretty much exactly the same thing I wanted to do.

    Basically, I want to add Steering Wheel Controls, Leather, Upgraded radio with Pandora and Bluetooth, Backup Camera, and Upgraded Rear View mirror with auto dim and remote garage controls.

    However, since I'm female, I'm not looking to do these things myself.

    Do you think I'll be able to find someone local to do these installs (esp the steering wheel) if I got all the parts?
    arcana ·
    Wow, Vanib! Nice upgrades! I have no talent in that area but had a 4.3 with no toys which I loved so I can very much appreciate the work you've put in! Very cool!
    dtalk ·
    Vanib, I do not know if you want to upgrade your tail lights. But this guy near me is selling new tail lights for a 2009 RAV4 still in the box for 150.00 US. My wife said no, so I thought I would let you know. Here is the link. Take Care 2009 + Toyota Rav 4 New OEM Rear Tail lights (IN BOX)
    DenisWH ·
    Assume you've been following the posts on coolant level. I now keep mine about 1/4 inch above the low mark and when hot it hits just a touch below full. No more coolant loss.
    DenisWH ·
    Vanib - Just noticed your RAV is almost exactly the same as mine. Looks like Evergreen Metallic in your picture, steel wheels, side steps. If I didn't know any different I would have thought it was a picture of mine!! Are there roof bars I can't tell.
    dtalk ·
    Ok, got steering wheel controls for 80.00 and nothing else. Vehicle was strip down to nothing. So the cover over air barf bag I am going to buy from your link. these controls have B/T function. I still have to get Axxess for my Avic head unit. So I we keep you posted.
    vanib ·
    i plan to add wires! I want to emulate the wires in the diagram on Junebug's profile.
    Now I am thinking how to get the BT button to work. I don't have a wiring diagram for that.
    dtalk ·
    Let me know how it works with the steering wheel controls, I been kicking this idea around, but feel that the base will not have the wiring to make it happen.
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