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  • Veliksam ·
    Fog lights are original, it's only the chrome led trims that I purchased separate on Aliexpress
    Here are the DRL Lights under the grill.
    ramzey28 ·
    Hello, how much are you looking for for your used kenwwod when parrot comes out? When is it due out? Interested.....
    novarav4 ·
    Hey man, do you mind sharing where you bought the fin antenna? I usually have a cargo box on the rack which means I have to disconnect the wand antenna. Love the look of the fin and it'd be great to get some radio reception on the long rides.

    Veliksam ·
    Hi, the 4 stands for Rav4, the second digit stands for the generation. You have a 3rd generation Rav4 just like me 4.3, the 4.4 is the new model from 2013-current.
    Veliksam ·
    Hi Greg,

    I can't be 100% sure that you have the required wiring in place but I would imagine you do, even though you only have a base version it's still newer than the one I did, plus you have the V6, I would probably go for it if I were you. Just make sure you buy the part from a seller that accepts returns. Otherwise the actual physical installation is a piece of cake which should take you no more than 10 minutes if you are a handy person. Good luck.
    getrav ·
    hi Veliskam!
    I read a message where you say that installing the SWC on 2011 base 4cyl is a piece of cake.

    I have the 2011 base v6, do you think this will be the same situation?

    Thank you!
    casper ·
    Hey Veliksam

    I will be in the Orlando area with my family in a couple of weeks. I am hoping you could give me heads-up on which and where those good car audio store in the area. I will be also dropping by the Tampa area too.

    Any suggestion will be greatly appreciated.


    Veliksam ·
    I don't actually have anything chrome on my bumper, if you're talking about the top piece then that's stainless steel and I purchased it on, if you're talking about the lower part that looks like a skid plate then that's just 3M Scotchprint 1080 in brushed aluminum.
    johndoe104 ·
    Hi I was wondering if your rear spoiler is stock? It looks bigger than usual. I would like to know more info. BTW awesome looking Rav4!
    Veliksam ·
    Thanks friend! I've put in a lot of time and work into my Rav4 and I always appreciate it when others show recognition and pay a compliment.
    magic8 ·
    Hey Veliksam Thanks for the advice.I had to come on by and check out your ride.Its SWEEET!!! my friend I love the pinstriping it adds a nice flare to your vehicle.Its a beauty!
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