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10 Pack - EPAuto 12V Car Add-a-circuit Fuse TAP Adapter Mini ATM APM Blade Fuse Holder

$10 USD
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Protect original circuit Plug into an existing fuse holder Heavy Duty 16 Gauge Red Color Wire 15 AMP Fuse x 10 Add-a-circuit Fuse x 10

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gravy4 mentioned in RAV4 2015 LE fuse tap and GND I

I'm trying to install a power magic pro to power a 2-channel dash cam. I bought fuse taps from Amazon ( [link] ) but they turned out to be the wrong size. Can someone please link ... more

teon mentioned in Dash Cams

Mushibi, did you use Vifio Mini Low Profile Fuse Kit (not the Regular Mini Fuse Kit) right? I plan to place my A129 on the left side of the rear mirror (driver side) since my car ... more

443573 mentioned in Dash Cams

Mine is at exactly that spot. Ran the wiring under the headliner, along (not through) the A-pillar to the power unit/backup battery (parking mode) in the back. From there a 12V ... more

Mushibi mentioned in Dash Cams

I placed mine in the middle, same area as Cash70 on post #60. Have experienced no issues with any sensors.

Jfeld mentioned in Adding 12V plugs

So I have read through a few posts about adding 12v plugs to the backseats/cargo area and I am looking to do that. I have a 2015 XLE AWD if that helps. I am thinking of adding ... more

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