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110-Volt 16 Amp Level 1 EV Charger with 21 ft. Extension Cord J1772 Cable and NEMA 5-15 Plug Electric Vehicle Charger

$200 USD
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The J1772 charging protocol of this plug allows it to charge almost all electric cars and plug-in hybrid vehicles. It provides the users with shock protection and safety while charging in wet conditions. It is perfect for users that own more than one electric vehicles or buildings with docks for EV charging. Lectron 110V 16 Amp Level 1 EV Charger with NEMA 5-15 plug and 21 FT long cable. It is portable, easy to store, charge 3x faster than a normal wall outlet, and works with most electric vehicles. It can be used for NEMA 5-15 outlet level 1 charger.

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This what a 20A receptacle looks like. If you see it, the circuit should be 20A, and that 16A Level1 charger should work. Just buy a 16A Level1 charger, fron a company/site that has a 30-90day MBG (Money Back Guarantee). Avoid Amazon. A lot of Pandaland knock offs of quality products like the Lectron you seem to be interested ... more
Also a 15 A plug. a normal 120V plug looks like this no matter what the amperage is!

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