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12V 100 PSI High Volume Air Inflator

$25 USD
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This High Volume Air Inflator fully inflates car tires quickly. The lightweight, portable design makes it easy to store this portable air compressor in your vehicle. Features include rubber feet for less vibration and a gearless direct drive for reduced noise during operation. Gearless direct drive for quiet operation Cast alloy air pump casing with cooling fins Overload protection Anti-vibration rubber feet Compact size

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juniorkirk mentioned in Tire inflators

I've never had issues with my inflator I got from Harbor Freight (12V 100 PSI High Volume Air Inflator). It is quick, quiet, and small. I have used it in all of the 12v outlets as well. One of the things that I always keep in the RAV just in case.
I bought this one from Harbor Freight several years ago and it has never let me down. 12v 100 PSI High Volume Air Inflator [image]

juniorkirk mentioned in Tire air pump for HYBRID

Might be late to this convo, but here is what I watched to determine the air pump I put in my RAV4. [link] I went with the Harbor Freight little pump (12V 100 PSI High Volume Air ... more

Hwycruiser mentioned in Tire air pump for HYBRID

I don't know if that is faster than a bicycle manual pump. I have had 12 volt pumps but they were slower than then old fashioned hand pump. Ofcouse, if one is unable to do the ... more

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