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      Can't answer your question about the heat gun but do have the perfect way to coral a propane tank for transport. I have several old 13" X 13" milk crates which fit either 20# or 30# propane tanks perfectly. Keeps them from falling over and rolling around. Apparently they are still being made and are inexpensive. Edsal 11 in. x 13 in. x 13 in. 16-Qt. Polypropylene Milk Crate Storage Box in Black-MK131311-HD - The Home Depot
      Excellent idea! I used strong bungee cords to hold it, but they weren’t enough - a crate would work perfectly! Thank you.
      I'd say its very unlikely to be an issue. The plastic trim does not have any electronic components attached to it. The air gap between the trim and electrical components will dissipate any concentrations of heat.

      If you leave your car sitting in the sun in AZ on a 110 F day its going to get toasty warm inside (way in excess of 110 F) and the electrical system works just fine after that. I can't imagine that your heat gun can achieve that same level of heating except in a very localized area on the surface of the trim.
      Thanks! The heat gun low setting is 500°, but I wouldn’t concentrate heat in any one place so should be okay.
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