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(60 Pcs/ 30 Pairs) MCIGICM T-Tap Wire Connectors, T Tap Electrical Connectors Quick Wire Splice Taps and Insulated Male Quick Disconnect Terminal

$7 USD
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Package includes: 30 Pairs T-Tap Wire Connectors (30 PCS T-Tap Wire Connectors & 30 PCS Male Quick Disconnects will last for numerous wiring projects). Size: the wire range is 22-18 A.W.G(Red) / 16-14 A.W.G(Blue) / 12-10 A.W.G(Yellow) Easy to use: Self Stripping Electrical T Tap Wire Connectors can Tap into the cable wire easily Self-Stripping Electrical T-Tap Connectors can tap into any wires without needing to cut, strip or solder. Thick Tinned Copper Contacts & Quality T-tap Connector Housing.

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There was a post from years back regarding adding the auto on/off headlight kit from DEI, the older version had different wire colors for the relay pack compared to the updated ... more
Thanks for the post i am about to do the same installation on my 2013 RAV-4 was curious about the wiring connections on your images it shows the T-Taps but not the color of the ... more

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