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(Upgraded) CDEFG Car Screen Protector Center Control Navigation Screen Protector for 2019 2020 2021 Corolla E210 Hatchback / 2018+ C-HR CHR, Tempered Glass HD Scratch Resistance (8 inch)

$13 USD
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🚗 PERFECT FIT: Customized for 2020 2021 Corolla Hatchback 8 inch or 2018 2019 2020 C-HR CHR 8 Inch with high quality of tempered glass material. The glass surface feels much better than the original plastic screen 🚗 HIGH DEFINITION: The protector won’t reduce the visibility of the screen, but keep your screen brand-new. Does not interfere the sensitivity of the screen or reboot your system, it provides a glossy feeling for your screen instead 🚗 SCRATCH RESISTANCE: 9H hardness of tempered glass provides adequate protection against scratch, shock and explosion, a great add-on to protect your screen 🚗 ULTRA-THIN: 0.26mm thickness makes your screen glossy and clear. 6-layer coatings of the protector can reduce oil left from your fingerprints and provides smoothness to the screen 🚗 EASY TO INSTALL: Align the protector with your screen, then install it with the coming accessories that makes the installation easy. Installation is similar to phone screen protectors, just take couple of minutes to finish it with no bubbles while you work on it properly

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If you're looking for a perfect fit glass screen protector, this one fits the R4P XSE perfectly (even though it says it's for a Camry): [link] This one for the SE: [link]
Thanks, I wasn't sure if the XSE onese fit good w/o air bubbles so I went with a custom cut / high quality film one. I used the one I linked to in the past on my 4Runner and it worked out great. It kind of has a matte look to it and helps on sunny days with the glare. I saved the one you linked to just in case the one I ... more
Can you take a photo of how it turned out on your XSE w/9" screen? I haven't seen good customer photos of a 9" screen protector on Amazon.

Salmon mentioned in Screen protector

I bought this one (the 8" option) for my R4P SE. Installation went fine and only under very specific light conditions can you tell it is there. Care and cleanliness on installation is critical to success with these [link]

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