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(Upgraded) CDEFG Mud Flaps Splash Guards for RAV4 2019 2020 2021 2022 2023 Mudflap Fender Flares Fit for Front and Back, Set of 4 (Black)

$27 USD
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❣ Perfect Fit: The Mud Guards are custom-made specifically for 2019- 2022 2023 RAV4 and RAV4 Hybrid. Fit for four RAV-4 trims: LE, XLE Premium Limited, it also fit for 2019 2020 RAV-4 hybrid 2 trims: LE and Limited, but NOT fit for ADVENTURE trim or 2020 TRD Off-Road trim, make you feel rugged, it looks like a factory accessory on your new car ❣ High Protection: These mud flaps keep dirt and road debris from kicking up and hitting sensitive parts of your vehicle, they can also protect the paint and finish of car body side panels from being chipped or damaged. ❣ Keep Your Car Body Clean: When driving on gravel or dirt roads, these mud flaps are a simple but essential accessory to help protect your car body. They keep dirt and grime from reaching vulnerable parts of your car, they can also keep your car cleaner, which save you a minor repair for scratched and dinged paint, or a couple trips to the car wash. ❣ Durable & Firm: These mud splash guards were made of superb ABS thermoplastic material. Work safe in all harsh environment. Sturdy and durable ❣ Easy to Install: These splash guards are attached behind tires and prevent gravel, water, and mud from splashing up onto your car while driving. They are super easy to install. No drill are required on your car Exterior, just put them on without removing tires, the screw holes are reserved.

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I bought these from Amazon, they fit nicely and were very easy to install. All of the hole on the mud flaps line up with existing fasteners. [link]
I actually like these, do you have a picture with them installed? Price is really good, too.

peter1992 mentioned in Your Favorite RAV4 Mods

Can you post photos of what the hood/headlight seal looks like?

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